New furnishing trends for 2016 – from nature to folklore

Discover furnishing trends for 2016 at – your textiles and piece goods expert The new year often brings with it the desire for change. Something that you can change quite easily is your home’s furnishings. We have visited the fabric fairs for you and identified the furnishing trends for 2016. In the world of furnishings, trends tend to change at a slower pace than is the case in the world of fashion, where an item of clothing is once again out of fashion after just a few weeks. This is why some of your current furnishing ideas may also be reflected in the new trends!

Always drape well – floor-length furnishing fabrics with lead tape in the seam serging

During the cold winter months, it’s entirely possible that it’ll suddenly strike you that your curtains could do with some urgent TLC! We have a wide range of floor-length furnishing fabrics, most of which have lead tape incorporated directly within the hem serging. This ensures that curtains that you’ve made yourself always hang beautifully, making your home more appealing. Floor-length means a fabric width of three metres – in other words, enough for an old building with high ceilings.
Floor-length furnishing fabrics with lead tape in the seam serging

Making sure you keep the heat indoors – curtains made from Thermo-Reflex fabrics

These curtain fabrics are ideal for the winter! The material is warm, soft to the touch and relatively weighty, making it perfect for withstanding the cold and draughts. If it’s uncomfortably draughty in front of the closed windows or the door in your flat, a curtain made from Thermo-Reflex fabric will help. And anyone who’s especially creative can use the fabric to make bags, too: The reverse of the fabric has a fine sheen and looks terrific when made into a clutch bag!
Thermo-Reflex fabrics

Looking for new furnishing ideas? Find just the right furnishing fabrics at

Do you just love to surround yourself with natural materials? If so, browse our wide range of furnishing fabrics. There, alongside 100% linen fabrics, you’ll also find woven fabrics in a blend of linen, cotton and polyester. Linen is a very robust material and can be brilliantly worked. Linen curtains or bags retain their good looks for a long time and are a sheer delight while being worked, too. Fabrics composed of a blend of linen and cotton are also well-suited to being made into tea towels, as they absorb more moisture than cotton alone.
Furnishing fabrics with linen

Furnishing fabrics from the Prestigious Textiles label

These high-quality furnishing and curtain fabrics turn your living space into a textiles experience! The only other access you would otherwise enjoy to Prestigious Textiles' first-rate variants would be if you were to visit specialist dealers, but with us you can buy the fabrics as piece goods and make your own living space dream come true! The new collection's jacquard and furnishing fabrics in delicate pastel shades are so inspiring. See for yourself!
Furnishing fabrics in pastel shades from the Prestigious Textiles label

That summer feeling in autumn

The fresh colour prints on our half-panama fabrics will remind you of your last holiday and make you look forward to next summer! Perhaps you're one of the lucky ones who travel South in the winter or who live in the southern hemisphere and are only now in the throes of midsummer? Juicy pineapples, colourful, artists' prints with a soupçon of impressionism and gaily coloured floral patterns make you feel like like re-arranging your interiors! Try it out for yourself!
Printed half-panama

Hooray for Jacquard!

They're not the cheapest out there, but the top-grade jacquard fabric from Prestigious Textiles is truly impressive in terms of quality. Perhaps you've already seen these fabrics in leading interior design magazines and always wondered where you could buy them? If so, just browse our huge selection of furnishing fabrics and find the fabric in your favourite collection. Our items invariably bear the name of the respective collection so you'll be sure to find your favourite!
Jacquard fabrics