Jacquard Fabrics

Jacquard comes into its own – furnishing fabrics at myfabrics.co.uk

Christine - 8. October 2015

Jacquard fabrics are among the most high-quality of all furnishing fabrics, as they are not just printed; the patterns are woven into the fabric and are thus visible on both sides – like a positive and negative of a photograph. This means that you can use either side to great effect depending on which side you prefer! This season, we’ve ordered an especially high number …

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Discounted just for you: an exclusive range of jacquard fabrics

Christine - 6. September 2015

We only have remnants of these exclusive jacquard fabrics, as the beautiful designs are extremely popular. The jacquard fabrics have a chenille thread running through the weave, giving them a subtly velveteen effect. Curtains or even a tablecloth made from these lovely fabrics will add a gorgeous touch to your home, ensuring a feeling of utter comfort. » Discounted jacquard fabrics at myfabrics.co.uk

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New in for autumn – jacquard jersey in black and white

Christine - 20. August 2015

Black and white is a combination that is immensely popular for the coming season, and our jacquard jersey fabrics reflect this trend. The unique jacquards, made from 55% polyester and 45% cotton, are shape-retaining and are perfect for making skirts, dresses or casual tops, such as the Morris blazer. Now all you need is the right dressmaking pattern and off you go! » Jacquard jersey …

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Stretch jacquard for elegant clothing

Christine - 13. November 2014

Stretch jacquard combines good looks with comfort, the interestingly patterned and embossed fabrics boasting a terrific texture yet remaining extremely comfortable owing to their elastane component. So – whether you’d like to make a modern pair of trousers or an elegant dress is entirely up to you! Order a sample today and get a feel for the high quality yourself! » Stretch jacquard at myfabrics.co.uk

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Furnishing fabrics from the Prestigious Textiles label

Christine - 13. October 2014

These high-quality furnishing and curtain fabrics turn your living space into a textiles experience! The only other access you would otherwise enjoy to Prestigious Textiles’ first-rate variants would be if you were to visit specialist dealers, but with us you can buy the fabrics as piece goods and make your own living space dream come true! The new collection’s jacquard and furnishing fabrics in delicate …

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Hooray for Jacquard!

Christine - 9. October 2014

They’re not the cheapest out there, but the top-grade jacquard fabric from Prestigious Textiles is truly impressive in terms of quality. Perhaps you’ve already seen these fabrics in leading interior design magazines and always wondered where you could buy them? If so, just browse our huge selection of furnishing fabrics and find the fabric in your favourite collection. Our items invariably bear the name of …

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Heavily discounted: Jacquard fabrics

Christine - 21. May 2014

Available now! A very special bargain just for you: high-quality jacquard fabric at especially low prices. Our furnishing fabrics come in sumptuously warm colours and are ideally suited to home furnishings such as scatter cushions and curtains, but they also lend themselves brilliantly to lightweight upholstery projects.

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Exciting Asia: China Jacquard

Christine - 2. April 2014

China jacquard has been missing form our range of products so we just added some of these fabrics to our selection for you. The polyester quality is perfect for costumes for fancy dress parties, theme parties, or an authentic Asian look. China jacquard is also a stunner as a skirt or a top! » China jacquard at myfabrics.co.uk

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Stylish jacquard stretch

Christine - 10. March 2014

Great flower patterns make us look forward to spring! This stylish jacquard stretch is printed with unusually beautiful flower designs and slightly stretchy. The perfect farbic for the new spring wardrobe. No matter if as a dress, a blazer, of fashionable trousers, jacquard stretch will already cheer you up while still cutting the fabric. » Jacquard stretch at myfabrics.co.uk

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