Thrilling to creative little bods – the knitting Jenny!

You’ll stir old memories! A lot of children’s initial experiences with wool are aided by the knitting Jenny. The principle behind the knitting Jenny is simple: Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can apply this easy technique to fashion terrific cords that can then be further worked to create other items. A chain or a head band made using a knitting Jenny is sure to be a hit with your friends!
Knitting Jennies


Practical knitting aids – knitting accessories at

Autumn is the time to get your knitting out. Sitting on the sofa with a steaming hot mug of tea and knitting a cap or a jacket as your needles go clicketty-clack; that just has to be the nicest thing to do when it’s dismal out. At, we don’t just stock fabrics but also wool and, of course, complementary wool accessories, too. From the practical stitch-test ruler and knitting needles in the right thickness, through stitch-stoppers and counters, you’ll find all that your knitting heart desires!
Knitting accessories

Perfect for the prolific knitter – the range of Knit Pro accessories

Anyone who knits for hours on end sets great store by good-quality knitting needles that make knitting effortless. This is why we've been on the lookout for the best knitting needles for you and have sourced the ones in the Knit Pro range. The round knitting needles have a specially shaped tip that makes it simple to knit even coarse wool, and the crochet needles have an especially ergonomic grip so that there are no painful wrists while crocheting either. On top of that, we have the right needles for the new trend of knooking. These make even the most ambitious knitting and crocheting projects a lot of fun!
Knit Pro knitting accessories