lace fabrics

Extravagant: zigzag stretch lace

Christine - 15. April 2014

This fabric can’t be found just anywhere. Stretch lace with a zigzag pattern will trigger your appetite for extravagant blouses, tops, skirts, or dresses. Our advice: order matching lining fabric so that you can go right ahead and line your dress with the transparent knit fabric. » Stretch lace at

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Trendy lace

Christine - 27. March 2014

Nowadays, lace is not only reserved for festive occasions but also used in everyday fashion. Dresses and tops made from lace offer an individual charm and bring a hippy feeling to your daily routine. Also, folklore elements are really trendy this summer! » Fashionable lace at

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Great lace!

Christine - 29. June 2012

Make seductive dresses with these new lace fabrics – just like magic! This stretch lace has a very convincing fleecy finish and a gorgeous flower pattern. The lace with the golden lurex inserts on the other hand is very flashy! » Lace at

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