Embellishing nightwear and lingerie – various types of lace for undergarments

Have you discovered the joy of making your own undergarments and nightwear? Do you make your own undergarments or nightwear because you don’t like what’s on offer in the shops? If so, there are sure to be some ribbons among the lovely, elasticated lace and lingerie lace variants on offer that you can use in your next lingerie ensemble. From delicate rose-pink to classic black and white, we have masses of lovely elasticated lace variants for you in our range!
Lingerie lace

Tulle lace in eleven colours

Playfully romantic is what comes to mind when looking at this elegantly embroidered tulle lace, which comes in eleven colours. At a width of 30mm it makes a great detail on evening wear or a bridal gown. This tulle lace is scalloped and embroidered with a flower design. Apart from classic lace in white and black we also offer fashionable colours like purple and turquoise.
Tulle lace

Lovely lace!

Any piece of clothing can be turned into a real eye-catcher with lace, no matter if you add lace to the hem or as a decorative item on a top. Our elastic lace is knitted and has a slight shine, which highlights the embedded floral design. Turqouise, hot pink, yellow, and apricot are the colours available for this raschel lace for a limited time.
Raschel lace

Lace and sequins – a great combination!

Sequins add a bit of glamour to any clothing item. A combination of sequins and lace is twice as classy. The sequins are worked into the lace. They're set along the thread line throughout the entire width of this high-quality fabric. We recommend sewing by hand when close to the sequins as these might blunt your machine's needle.
Sequin lace

Newly arrived: bobbin lace

Bobbin lacemaking is a laborious craft which takes a lot of patience. Let us help you speed it up a little! If you'd like to embellish your clothes with bobbin lace you can now choose from a wide selection of different types of bobbin lace. Apart from classic lace in white or beige we also carry modern varieties in red, green, and purple.
Bobbin lace