Just in: new linen fabrics in the colours of spring!

Discover linen fabrics in fresh colours at myfabrics.co.uk!

Linen fabrics are the ideal choice for spring, as the type of fibre they are made from exerts a cooling effect. It won’t be long - and certainly no later than midsummer - before your new linen dress or lightweight linen trousers will be your favourite item of clothing. So it’s fitting that we’re now also offering this year’s high-fashion colours in a linen variant. From delicate rose pink, through mint and pale yellow, there’s sure to be a shade in our range that will breathe new life into your wardrobe.

Delicate and lightweight – sewing accessories in pastel shades

Pastel is and will remain bang on trend! The delicate, powdery shades appear so light and fresh that they are a wonderful accompaniment to the summer! Of course, we don’t just have fabrics in these delicate shades in our range; we also have a wide selection of matching sewing accessories. These include sewing threads as well as buttons and a huge variety of ribbons and trimmings.
Sewing accessories in pastel shades

The fashion trend for 2014: Pastel shades

The fashion trend for 2014: Pastel shades Soft rosé, delicate blue and fashionable lime green... This summer, pastel shades are everywhere, and of course we've also got a wide selection of pastel tones in our range of apparel and furnishing fabrics. All that's missing is the right dressmaking pattern to go with it and you're on your way to being the envy of your friends with your new trousers in a pastel lilac shade or a rosé-hued shirt. And perhaps the new fashionable you will even inspire one or the other of your friends to start sewing!