New in: Vogue patterns für £ 7.19

Christine - 22. September 2015

The new collection of Vogue patterns has just arrived and the new patterns convince again with ingenious cuts, clever details and instructions that are clear and detailed. The best of it: We can offer you the new collection and all of the patterns from previous collections for just £ 7.19 the pattern! That means, more budget for suitable high-quality fabrics. You find these of course …

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Classic and fashionable all at once – checked Vichy fabric

Christine - 18. May 2015

This summer, checked Vichy fabrics are back in fashion. Traditionally used for shirts, blouses or dirndl aprons, the designers have re-invented the pattern for their own purposes and have given it a modern twist. A fashionable crop top with the right kind of skirt is just one idea that can be brought to life using this classic pattern, injecting zest into your wardrobe at the …

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Make your point! Cotton fabrics with dots

Christine - 11. February 2015

The dot is a classic pattern that’s routinely right at the top of the design popularity charts. You’ll find a wide selection of dotted furnishing fabrics at, some printed with larger dots, some with smaller ones. Perhaps you’re an aficionado of one-off bags or maybe you enjoy re-decorating your living room by swapping your cushion covers for brand new ones whenever the urge takes …

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Mushrooms – now on cotton fabrics

Christine - 3. February 2015

The mushroom season is well and truly behind us, but anyone who still wants to savour the tasty autumnal crop can find the right fabrics at Perhaps you’re currently really into the idea of sewing a new bag for the next mushroom season, or a kitchen apron for your beloved chef… The cotton fabrics are just right for a host of ideas! » Cotton …

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SO on trend: patterned jeans

Christine - 29. October 2014

Obviously, you could just buy yourself a pre-fabricated pair of jeans, but with our printed denim fabrics you can first choose your favourite motif and then precisely adapt the jeans according to your own taste and body shape. Thus giving you an opportunity to finally make a pair of jeans that sit just right and are styled the way you want them to be! And …

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Jersey with graphical patterns

Christine - 20. March 2014

This spring, graphical patterns are totally hip. Diamonds, chevron patterns, or circles: among our jersey fabrics you will find a large number of different patterns. With a fancy fabric like that you can use a simple sewing pattern and create a unique favourite piece. » Jersey with graphical patterns at

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Fashionable jersey fabrics

Christine - 4. December 2013

Every season you can create a new, stylish clothing item with jersey fabrics, as the patterns of the fabric change regularly. For winter we have picked a large number of fashionable jersey fabrics for you! No matter if you’re making a dress, a shirt, or leggings: these with these fabrics you’ll be absolutely trendy! » Patterned jersey fabrics at

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Patterned sweatshirts

Christine - 12. November 2013

Use our printed sweatshirt fabrics for a unique November jumper! Get creative and style a sweatshirt the way you like it. Hoody or not? Unicolour or contrasting elements? » Patterned sweatshirt fabrics at

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Back to the 60’s!

Christine - 11. July 2013

Retro is very fashionable once again. With these high-quality decoration fabrics you can quickly give your living room a new ‘old’ look with new curtains or pillows. The graphical patterns come in seven different colour combinations each, which go very well with each other. » Decoration fabrics with retro patterns at

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Blackout fabrics now also with patterns

Christine - 12. June 2013

Unicolour blackout fabrics have been a popular choice from our line for a while now. They’re perfect for curtains. Now this proven quality blackout fabric comes in ornamental patterns as well. In the fabric’s centre, an opaque middle layer will let you completely black out a room. The ornaments are printed on the front, the back is unicolour. » Patterned blackout fabrics at

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