Glitter and glamour – luxury for the loveliest hobby of all

Christine - 8. October 2014

Can you never get enough of glitter either? Then the current trend of shimmering surfaces and shiny finishes is just your thing! And anyone who wants to test the waters first with little accents here and there and make sure that glitter suits their personal style is sure to find the right glamorous knick-knack among our ribbons, trimmings, buttons and accessories to get them started. …

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Tante Ema – not just fabrics!

Christine - 22. August 2014

The new woven ribbons and buttons in the popular Aunt Emma design range are as sweet as candy. The woven ribbons can be brilliantly combined with fabrics from the Tante Ema collection, and the buttons, likewise, reflect the motifs on the fabrics. So you can rely on your sewing project being consistently styled in the Tante Ema design theme of your choosing. It’s sure to …

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Colourful and exciting ribbons and trimmings

Christine - 11. June 2014

With the right ribbon or trimming, even a sewing newbie can quickly put together a unique piece. Take a look at our range of ribbons and trimmings and find a ribbon variant that you like. Sew it to a bag using a sewing machine or by hand. And voilà! In a jiffy, you’ve got a statement piece that will be the envy of all! » …

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New: patterned bias binding

Christine - 30. April 2014

These bias bindings will be the crown on your sewing project. No matter if you want to embellish a playful project with romantic bias binding or if you create some bold combinations: our range of products offers the right patterned bias binding for all your desires. » Patterned bias binding at myfabrics.co.uk

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Ruching, ribbons, and borders

Christine - 7. April 2014

Colourful passament border, patterned bag straps, or elastic binding ribbons or straps: with our ruching, ribbons, and borders you can realize your creative ideas in an even more original way. This way, an idea in your head will turn into a piece that will wow other people! That’s what sewing is for, right? » Ruching, ribbons, and borders at myfabrics.co.uk

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Adorable owls

Christine - 31. May 2013

This beautiful woven ribbon featuring a cute owl design will turn any sewing project into a very unique affair. Colourful owls really strike the little children. And they look just adorable. » Woven ribbons with owls at myfabrics.co.uk

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Seaming ribbon in many colours

Christine - 30. May 2013

This seaming ribbon made from cotton and polyamide comes in 17 colour variations. The ribbon is great for reinforcing seams and even works as a bag belt. A small appliqué made from this high-quality material can really spice up your project! » Seaming ribbon at myfabrics.co.uk

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