sewing accessories

Every bag a masterpiece! Complementary inlays and volume fleece from Vlieseline

Christine - 30. March 2016

With the right inlay, a length of fabric can become a truly durable, shape-retaining material that’s perfect for bags and rucksacks. Inlays are available in a variety of thicknesses, all of which have different properties. We only stock inlays from the German house of Freudenberg, which has specialised in inlays for decades and regularly develops new products. Of course, iron-on inlays also reinforce a blouse …

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Fashionable and useful – cords

Christine - 25. March 2016

Does your pouch need something more to set it off? If so, take a look at our new cords. From glittery cords to ethnic-style cords, you’ll find we stock practical cord variants that are fashionably up-to-date. This means that you can give your pouch a completely unique design and make it truly eye-catching. » Cords at “

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A New Year a new pair of scissors – discover high-quality scissors now

Christine - 12. February 2016

Sometimes, you’ve just got to invest in sewing accessories. And a pair of scissors is an investment that pays off. Because when it’s easy to cut to size, the whole process is so much more enjoyable, rather than being a tiresome scourge. You’ll find we stock a wide selection of high-quality scissors – from small embroidery scissors, through large fabric shears with and without serration. …

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Just in: Dressmaking patterns from the Kwik Sew label

Christine - 1. February 2016

Anyone looking for a dressmaking pattern is sure to find just what they’re after in the Kwik Sew range of dressmaking patterns. The American dressmaking pattern company Kwik Sew is known for its simple instructions and varied patterns. The seam clearance is always pre-incorporated in the dressmaking pattern, making cutting to size easy as pie. From dresses, through children’s clothing and sporty menswear, right through …

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Cord stoppers in a variety of colours and shapes at

Christine - 29. January 2016

Cord stoppers in a matching colour perfectly complement a new jacket. You can also accentuate children’s clothing with cord stoppers in a contrasting colour or your little ones’ favourite colour attached to an elasticated band. A cord stopper attached to a bag or a pouch can also be eye-catching – from shiny to matt, from black to gold, at, you are bound to find …

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A bag refurb – modern bag handles

Christine - 21. January 2016

You can use a pre-fabricated bag handle to craft your bag without spending ages fiddling around with narrow pieces of fabric. Irrespective of whether in bamboo or in plastic, these high-quality bag handles are available in a host of varieties and colours: there’s sure to also be something there for your creative idea. » Bag handles at “

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Emphasise the waist – belts made the DIY way!

Christine - 18. January 2016

A belt that you’ve made yourself can be that elusive accessory that can give your latest creation an even more unique touch. You’ll find we stock a range of elasticated ribbons that are also ideal for use as belt webbing. Just add a complementary belt clasp and in no time at all you’ll have drawn attention to your cinched-in waist! » Belt webbing at …

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