sewing accessories

Fashionable accessory – the faux fur bobble

Christine - 8. January 2016

This season, it’s quite simply a must-have on every bag – the faux fur bobble! This is a fashionable and striking accessory. Of course, our bobbles are made from high-quality faux fur, so you can follow this current fashion trend without any qualms. Whether a bag dangler, a key fob or a bobble on a beret, a faux fur bobble always looks fantastic! » Faux …

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For fans of maritime motifs – new appliqués

Christine - 4. January 2016

Are you a fan of maritime styling, too, and keen on embellishing all your bags, jackets and small-scale sewing projects with a maritime motif? If so, appliqués are just what you need. Many of them just need to be ironed on to jazz up the boring bits. Ahoy! » Appliqués with maritime motifs at “

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Terrific for basic skirts: printed rubber bands

Christine - 21. December 2015

You can use these printed rubber bands to sew a skirt in a jiffy! Just cut two rectangular pieces of fabric to size, ensuring that they are approximately 40 cm longer than your hip measurements, close the side seams, hem and then top-stitch the upper edge to the stretched rubber band. The basic skirt is ready! This is so quick to make, you can sew …

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A winner with the little ones – cute wooden buttons

Christine - 16. December 2015

You can use cute buttons to make sewing projects for your little darlings even more unique. Embellish a lovely cardigan with little bow-shaped wooden buttons or sew the buttons on as accents on a cuddly toy. However, you should never use buttons for baby clothing, since the small parts can be easily swallowed. And, of course, we don’t want that! » Wooden buttons for children …

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Refine any sewing project – pearl cords

Christine - 14. December 2015

With some embellishments, sewing by hand is the best option, a case in point being the pearl cord. You can use the cord to embellish bags, dresses or festive tops; there are no limits imposed on your creativity here! It’s best to then sew this fine trimming onto your project by hand. Although this is a little laborious and can take some time, it can …

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The gift idea for people on the go: pretty sewing kits

Christine - 11. December 2015

Have you ever had a button come away while you’re travelling and been in dire need of a few sewing accessories to repair the mishap? We’ve now sourced terrific sewing kits for you; they’re the ideal accompaniment to any handbag and are super practical. There are three different types of sewing kit, each filled with the most important sewing accessories, like scissors, needles and thread. …

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Ideal for edging jersey fabrics: Elasticated edging

Christine - 7. December 2015

Have you also been struck by the lingerie sewing bug? Your lingerie will be even prettier if you trim it with the right elasticated edging. Whether you prefer matching shades or are partial to contrasts: At, you’ll find a host of solid-shaded and patterned elasticated edging variants! » Elasticated edging at

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For quick embellishments: appliqués

Christine - 3. December 2015

Do you have a boring old sweatshirt that you’d like to pep up? Or perhaps your favourite shirt has a hole in it and you’re now wondering how you’re ever going to wear it again in spite of it? You can use appliqués to highlight specific elements in a trice and embellish an old item of clothing. From numerals and letters of the alphabet, through …

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