Sheer luxury – shiny lurex ribbons

Pomp and glory are part and parcel of Christmas. All you need to do is to embellish a simple t-shirt with a shiny lurex ribbon – and voilà: Your outfit boasts a festive touch. These ribbons can, of course, also be top-stitched onto bags or made to embellish a skirt or a dress. Just do what you like!
Lurex ribbons

Bring the East to the West – with oriental-styled trimmings

Oriental-style elements are SO in fashion! With the oriental-look trimmings, you can add subtle zing to a simple outfit or make your own Bollywood dream come true with a richly embellished and luxuriously embroidered dream dress. It’s worth the effort!
Oriental-look trimmings

Only non-slip socks from now on! “Regia Latex” for soles that are as individual as you are…

Socks made from high-grade wool that you’ve knitted yourself are ideal for when the temperature plummets – and they tend to last a lifetime. The only problem is: It’s easy to slip on laminate and parquet floors when wearing these knitted socks. But Regia has a solution: “Regia Latex”, which you can use to attach your own non-slip pattern to the sole of your sock. Decide for yourself whether you’d like the sole of your non-slip socks to feature dots, stripes or paws. We also have suitable stencils. You’ll find instructions for using the “Regia Latex” on the product packaging. Have fun!

This will please the magpies among us… Rhinestone is back in fashion!

With glittering rhinestone buttons or edging, you can style a simple sewing project so as to give it an exclusive touch. Perhaps you also still have an old cardigan or blouse that you can upgrade with rhinestone buttons? Or you could take the plunge and plan a whole new outfit around your new rhinestone edging. Just perfect for the Christmas party or that disco evening with your gal pals!

This will please all those who make bags – new belt webbing with motifs

Have you been infected by the bag bug, too? A bag is a terrific project, especially for sewing newbies, as it provides an opportunity to learn a variety of sewing techniques – and a practical accessory like this is always useful! We now have even more belt webbing in our range. You can use it to customise your bags even further. All our belt webbing comes in a 40 mm width and, upwards of a length of 0.5 m, can be ordered rounded off to the nearest ten centimetres.
Belt webbing with motifs

Perfect for working and embellishing knit fabrics: braiding

This fashion season, cosy knits are all the rage! If you want to make yourself a warm poncho or a casual pullover using knit fabrics, you shouldn’t leave the inner seam allowances unfinished. If you do, the handmade piece will quickly unravel in the wash because the edges will fray. Braiding is ideal for trimming the edges of wool and knit fabrics. You use them in exactly the same way you would cotton bias binding. That’s sure to make your new favourite piece a one-off that will be a source of joy for a long time to come!

Wool trimmings – for a haute couture look

The high-quality, Chanel-style trimmings are particularly suited to being attached to jacket pockets, collars or sleeve cuffs. They add a touch of haute couture to a simple jacket! And they do so at a price that allows you to select just the fabric you want: The economical trimmings save you money so you’re left with plenty for your project!
Wool trimmings

Practical sewing baskets – for anyone without a sewing room

You need a lot of little bits and pieces when you sew: fabric shears, spools of thread, measuring tapes, needles and a great deal more besides. If you do not have a dedicated sewing room, a sewing basket or sewing casket is ideal for gathering everything together and keeping it at one place. Because the practical sewing baskets accommodate everything that would otherwise be left lying around! Practical, don’t you think? And a small tip from us: Any friend of yours who enjoys sewing would love a cute sewing bag as a present!
Sewing baskets

Embellish boring pieces – with pretty woven ribbons

Does that bag you’ve made yourself need a finishing touch? Have you considered perhaps sewing on a woven ribbon? A woven ribbon can also be used to great effect as a loop in the side seam of a bag or to mark the front and rear portions in clothing. You’ll see how a boring piece takes on new life with a woven ribbon – and so cheaply, too!
Woven ribbons