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Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Christine - 5. February 2014

Valentine’s Day is near and what’s the best gift for sewing enthusiasts? Well, fabrics and haberdashery for their favourite hobby! We have compiled a small selection of gifts from the heart for you. There’s bound to be something in there for your darling. » Fabrics and supplies for people in love at

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Now available: ribbon for suspenders

Christine - 17. September 2013

Individual suspenders can be homemade from these ribbons in many different colours and with many beautiful designs. The Alps, footballs, or do you prefer flower power? Boring suspenders are yesterday’s news, colourful designs are in fashion. Some of the designs also work as rubber bands for children’s clothing. » Suspender ribbon at

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How convenient! Iron-on labels

Christine - 10. September 2013

You are looking for a way to keep your children from confusing their clothes with somebody else’s? Our iron-on labels are just the thing for your school kid. Use a fabric marker to write down the name, iron it on, et voilà! No more confusion! The labels come in 4 different designs and each box contains 20. » Labels at

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Frame closure for small bags

Christine - 3. September 2013

Cute little bags are even cuter with a metal frame closure. How nice that we can now offer you the metal frame closures fitting our cute fabrics. The next time you’re shopping with us you can put all the items needed for your next bag project into your shopping cart. » Frame closures at

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Convenient: cord stoppers!

Christine - 28. August 2013

You are looking for cord stoppers for adult’s and children’s clothing? Look no further! The rocket-shaped cord stoppers are fun for little rascals and the neon coloured cord stoppers are great for fashion fans. We still offer classic cord stoppers as well, of course! » Cord stoppers at

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Very stylish: studs!

Christine - 22. August 2013

Suddenly, studs/rivets are everywhere! They embellish shoes, bags, and clothing. With these pyramid studs you can add a rocky touch to all your sewn pieces. The studs are easily attached to the fabric et voilà – the perfect look! » Studs/rivets at

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New in our shop: a large selection of sewing machine supplies!

Christine - 19. August 2013

We have expanded our collection of sewing supplies. We now also offer spools, bobbins, bobbin cases, presser feet, light bulbs, and many other little helpers for different kinds of sewing machines. Please pay close attention to the item descriptions as different kinds of sewing machines have different requirements for accessories. » Sewing machine supplies at

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New in our shop: rotary cutters

Christine - 23. April 2012

Frequent sewers learn to appreciate a rotary cutter. If you’re patchworking or making ribbons or borders: a rotary cutter will cleanly cut several layers of fabric with ease. Our advice: use a different blade for each kind of fabric! » New in our shop: rotary cutters at

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