Gift idea of the week: sewing thread set

The perfect present for amateur tailors: sewing thread sets
Would you like to surprise someone at Christmas with a terrific present? Are you still not absolutely sure what you’re looking for? If so, get advice from our present experts, because we at know what handicraft fans like.

And the first idea that we’d like to suggest is inspired by the first purchase of our colleague Madeleine. Because when she started sewing, she bought herself a sewing thread set for the first time. Madeleine was a complete newcomer to sewing and so didn’t have a single reel of coloured thread at home. So it was just perfect that the sewing thread set with a full range of classic colours was available to her. She has now expanded her thread selection, but at Christmas she’s also pleased to find new colours from the high-quality Gütermann thread range under the Christmas tree.

Cheap but sound – polyester sewing thread

Your wish is our command: We now offer you a more economical sewing thread in polyester. The wide selection of colours in the Gütermann range of sewing threads cannot be replaced by the 500 m polyester threads, but we can now offer you the basic colours that you need time and again at an unbeatable price.
Sewing thread

The little surprise package: Sewing thread sets in a host of colours

A little gift: Colourful sewing thread sets Anyone still on the lookout for a little gift idea should browse our range of sewing thread sets! They range from a practical set containing Gütermann Allesnäher (universal thread) in ten colours to the rainbow-coloured machine embroidery yarn or thread for quilting by hand. There's a set that's just right for every purpose and it's ideal as a little gift under the Christmas tree!

Just in: Decorative stitching thread, buttonhole thread, tacking thread and Sulky® embroidery yarn

When it comes to sewing, the right thread is half the battle won. Because a reasonable sewing machine needs high-quality yarn to be able to run perfectly. We have now extended our range of high-quality Gütermann sewing thread by adding another thread variant. Decorative stitching and buttonhole thread are now available in our shop in a wide range of colours. This makes for especially high-grade buttonholes, and simple decorative stitching takes on a much finer quality, too.
Sewing thread

Thread boxes – simply convenient

Have you also accumulated so many different spools of thread that you've lost track of which colours you already have? Then it's time to tidy up a bit! Doing that is especially easy with thread boxes by Gütermann creativ. These transparent boxes come in three sizes for sewing thread and a size for bobbin thread.
Sewing thread boxes

For every seam the right thread – the Gütermann creativ Thread Sets

Thread sets are just the right thing when you sew a lot and need a lot of different colours. We are offering a number of thread sets with a range of e.g. blue or pink tones. There are also the classic thread colours like black, white, grey, red, and navy in a convenient set. Polyester, cotton - you will find the right thread for any material! A recent addition is a set of neon colours, so now you are set for any sewing job. By the way: these sets make a great gift for an amateur tailor!
Thread sets

New in our line: Sew-all Thread in 14 colors – 100% recycled materials!

The new sewing thread „Sew-all Thread 200 m rPET“ by Gütermann creativ is made from 100% recycled polyester and offers convincing resistance to tear and abrasion. The raw material for this environmentally sound sewing thread is recycled drinking bottles. The spools used for this Sew-all Thread can also be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Perfect for all environmentally conscious sewing enthusiasts.
New in our line: Sew-all Thread in 14 colors - 100% recycled materials!
New in our line: Sew-all Thread in 14 colors - 100% recycled materials!
New in our line: Sew-all Thread in 14 colors - 100% recycled materials!
New in our line: Sew-all Thread in 14 colors - 100% recycled materials!
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