Starry motifs on cotton: They shine – and so do the eyes of everyone that beholds them…

Such a wide selection – cotton fabrics with star motifs at As many stars as there are in the sky: That’s how many different variants of cotton fabrics with starry motifs we have in the range. Little stars, big stars, white stars, black stars, golden stars or colourful stars: Whatever you could possibly wish for, the stars will make your wish come true! And you can use them to make your loved ones’ dreams come true, too – by making new bags, cushion covers or snuggly throws.

Stars on a jersey variant – now that’s cool!

Stars are a cool pattern, and both boys and girls like them. If you still need a present for the next birthday party that’s coming along, how about a beanie made from jersey fabric? And of course you can also make comfy, snuggly lounge trousers or fashionable dresses and tops. Just the way you want!
Jersey fabrics with stars

New variants of starry fabrics

It’s not just stars and starlets that are a perfect match for starry fabrics. Furnishing fabrics with star motifs are particularly good for making cool bags, contemporary tablecloths or place mats. Whether combined with a solid-coloured fabric or just on their own – you’re free to decide which you prefer, as you’re the designer when it comes to sewing projects!
Furnishing fabrics with star motifs

Heavily discounted: Cotton fabrics from £3.50

Heavily discounted: Cotton fabrics from £3.50 Do you want to stock up again properly on fabrics before Christmas comes around so that you've always got the right fabric stashed away for that spur-of-the-moment gift idea? If you do, our campaign has just what you need! We have drastically discounted most of our cotton fabrics and will help you stock up on stars, dots, stripes, hearts and floral fabrics again. Browse now! You can't go wrong at £3.50 per metre, and the cotton fabrics are perfect for sewing newbies. So get going! Tell all your friends right away!

Huge range of fabrics with star motifs

Huge range of fabrics with star motifs Anyone who prefers jagged stars over floral motifs will enjoy browsing a range of over 100 apparel fabrics with star motifs in our shop. Big stars, little stars, colourful stars and stars of different sizes adorn cotton and jersey fabrics and are just waiting to be transformed into cool hoodies, sweat jackets or beanies. Off you go! Reach for the stars!

Blackout fabrics with stars

Small and large stars are printed all over this blackout fabric. Bring the starry sky to your home! The blackout fabric is soft to the touch and will create a comfortable atmosphere while blacking out all light. Its predominant use is drapes and curtains, but the polyester fabric is also good for pillows.
Blackout fabrics with stars

Stars – now also available in jersey!

Woven cotton fabrics with stars are very popular for apparel and bags, which is why we've had those for a while now. Now, we're also offering high-quality jersey fabrics with star prints. A t-shirt, leggings, or a loop scarf are only three possible projects that can be sewed quickly and will make your family or yourself happy!
Jersey fabrics with stars