Sweatshirt fabrics

Comfortable and casual – fashion crafted from sweatshirt fabric

Christine - 5. February 2016

Anyone who likes to stay comfortable and casual is sure to have made themselves a sweatshirt fabric-based piece already. You’ll find we stock a wide variety of sweatshirt fabrics – some solid-coloured and others sporting terrific prints. The fabrics can also be brilliantly mixed and matched with one another, allowing you to make yourself your very own one-off sweatshirt-based piece! Sweatshirt fabric is often also …

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For comfortable lounge wear at home: sweatshirt fleece

Christine - 23. November 2015

Mmmm, that feels good! Nothing can beat how soft and snuggly sweatshirt fleece feels against your skin. Warm, stretchy and with a wonderfully fleecy reverse; wearing sweatshirt fabric is like being ensconced in a cocoon. You can decide for yourself whether you’d like to work the fleecy side so it’s the finished side or the reverse; a mix of the two looks good, too. Simply …

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Time to get cosy: sweatshirt fabrics at myfabrics.co.uk

Christine - 11. November 2015

Is there anything nicer in the autumn and winter than flopping onto the sofa in comfortable lounge wear after work, sipping a cup of tea and simply relaxing? If sewing is your way of unwinding and retreating from the hectic pace of daily life, you can kill two birds with one stone by sewing a new, cosy sweatshirt and a pair of comfortable and casual …

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Casually saunter into autumn – with printed sweatshirt fabrics

Christine - 15. October 2015

This autumn, a sweatshirt is an absolute must in every wardrobe! The new printed sweatshirts ensure that it doesn’t get too boring with just solid-shaded pieces in your wardrobe. Stripes, stars or motifs favoured by children, such as penguins and ornamentation, invite you to make them into casual hoodies, sweat jackets or sweat skirts. This will ensure that your family is the cynosure of all …

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Now in a wider selection of colours: texturised sweatshirt fabrics

Christine - 28. September 2015

The texturised reverse of the sweatshirt fabric ensures that the fabric is snuggly-soft against the skin and is utterly comfortable. Children, in particular, adore this fabric variant, and pullovers made from this material quickly become hot favourites! And so it’s just perfect that we now have this texturised sweatshirt fabric in our range in in even more gorgeous colours! » Texturised sweatshirt fabric in new …

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Snuggly fabrics to fall in love with

Christine - 30. October 2014

OMG! They’re SO snuggly! You’ll never want to let go of this fabric variant: it’s so snuggly-soft that even cutting it to size and working with it is an absolute pleasure. On the front, the sweatshirt fleece looks like normal sweatshirt fabric, but it’s fleecy-soft on the inside and feels wonderful against the skin. Sweatshirts are a must for the autumn wardrobe, and with this …

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Cool sweatshirt fabrics

Christine - 27. August 2014

Cool stars or sweet dots? Whatever be your favourite motif, you’ll now find we stock terrific sweatshirt fabrics with dots and stars. The slightly texturised, snuggly reverse ensures that it feels great against the skin; it has a cosy , thermal effect – particularly good for cool evenings. Mix and match the various colours or combine pattered fabric with solid- coloured sweatshirt fabric to make …

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Design your own sportswear with sweatshirt fabrics by myfabrics.co.uk

Christine - 21. April 2014

Jogging is even more fun in spring and couch potatoes also become active now and enjoy exercising outside. No matter if you’re running your favourite course by yourself or if you and your friends are into fun sports, you’ll definitely need the right outfit. If you would like to express your individuality as well, you can make your sportswear yourself, e.g. from our new sweatshirt …

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Patterned sweatshirts

Christine - 12. November 2013

Use our printed sweatshirt fabrics for a unique November jumper! Get creative and style a sweatshirt the way you like it. Hoody or not? Unicolour or contrasting elements? » Patterned sweatshirt fabrics at myfabrics.co.uk

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