Tante Ema

Just in! Aunt Emma sewing accessories

Christine - 1. July 2015

Gaily coloured, playful and quite simply always eye-catching – the new Aunt Emma sewing accessories have arrived! The attractive ribbons and buttons are ideal for creative sewing and furnishing ideas. Take a look at what’s new and draw inspiration for your next sewing project from these beautiful sewing accessories!

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Tante Ema – not just fabrics!

Christine - 22. August 2014

The new woven ribbons and buttons in the popular Aunt Emma design range are as sweet as candy. The woven ribbons can be brilliantly combined with fabrics from the Tante Ema collection, and the buttons, likewise, reflect the motifs on the fabrics. So you can rely on your sewing project being consistently styled in the Tante Ema design theme of your choosing. It’s sure to …

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Tante Ema – cite children’s fabrics

Christine - 19. February 2014

Kids just love children’s fabrics by Tante Ema! Cute designs, strong colours, and quality cotton. That’s how Tante Ema inspires dresses for whirling around and skirts. Fabrics from the fröbalas collection can nicely be combined, but the fabrics from all the different collections also go well together. » Tante Ema at myfabrics.co.uk

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New collection: Tante Ema

Christine - 7. November 2013

Colourful pattern mix, that’s the style that goes with our Tante Ema fabrics. Cheerful designs in fresh colours brighten up your everyday life. Little bags, pattern mix pillows, a shopping tote, these are all fast sewing projects, also suitable for beginners, that will keep on giving. » Tante Ema fabrics at myfabrics.co.uk

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