Wool trimmings – for a haute couture look

The high-quality, Chanel-style trimmings are particularly suited to being attached to jacket pockets, collars or sleeve cuffs. They add a touch of haute couture to a simple jacket! And they do so at a price that allows you to select just the fabric you want: The economical trimmings save you money so you’re left with plenty for your project!
Wool trimmings

Perfectly coordinated – ribbons and the “Ring a Roses” collections by Gütermann

Perfect for anyone who enjoys sourcing coordinating ribbons, buttons and fabrics: We have now also incorporated ribbons and buttons in our range that match all collections within the "Ring a Roses" collection by Gütermann – just for you! This makes it possible for you to also order ribbons and buttons that match the fabrics you like without having to look around too long for them. Of course, such coordinating items are to be found directly mapped to the respective fabric under the tab "This is a perfect match". Have fun putting it all together!
Ribbons, trimmings and buttons from

You can never have too much glitter – Shop for glitter trimmings now

Are you a little magpie at heart, too, going weak at the knees at the first sign of sparkle? If so, our new glitter and sequinned trimmings are sure to tempt you to come up with some new, creative ideas. Whether as a trimming on a simple skirt or as an embellishment on a bag, glitter trimming makes any simple sewing project into a show-stopper. It's best that you sew the trimmings on by hand; it's true that it takes a little longer, but the end result is also more attractive and of better quality.
Glitter trimmings

Glitter and glamour – luxury for the loveliest hobby of all

Can you never get enough of glitter either? Then the current trend of shimmering surfaces and shiny finishes is just your thing! And anyone who wants to test the waters first with little accents here and there and make sure that glitter suits their personal style is sure to find the right glamorous knick-knack among our ribbons, trimmings, buttons and accessories to get them started. In France, Vanessa Bruno bags are extremely popular – a simple shopping bag with a sequinned trim sewn on. Perhaps something you'd like to think about, too?
Glittery sewing accessories

Jacquard trimmings – a quick embellishment

You can never get enough of trimmings; when you quickly want to make a modest little bag or a simple girl's skirt a one-off, trimmings are the ideal choice! Quick to sew on, they give your creation a look that's all its own, and that's precisely why you sew in the first place, isn't it?
Jacquard trimmings

Hello, India – the sequin trimming India makes you dream of distant shores…

Use this sequinned trimming to transform any simple sewing project into an out-and-out head-turner. Perhaps you'd like to sew the trimming onto a clutch bag or use it to embellish a skirt hem. A kaftan or a tunic also immediately turns into your new favourite using the high-quality sequin-studded trimming. An easy way to sneak a little of that Indian flair into Europe!
Sequinned trimmings

Colourful and exciting ribbons and trimmings

With the right ribbon or trimming, even a sewing newbie can quickly put together a unique piece. Take a look at our range of ribbons and trimmings and find a ribbon variant that you like. Sew it to a bag using a sewing machine or by hand. And voilà! In a jiffy, you've got a statement piece that will be the envy of all!
Ribbons and trimmings