upholstery fabrics

Discounted just for you: High-quality upholstery fabrics at unbeatable prices

Christine - 22. February 2016

Are you looking for new upholstery fabrics to give your interiors a new lease of life? If so, look no further, because at myfabrics.co.uk, you’ll find a wide selection of upholstery fabrics in terrific colours and qualities right now. And do you know what’s even better? Many of the upholstery fabrics come from surplus stocks of well-known manufacturers, and we can offer them to you …

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So colourful! A wide selection of upholstery fabrics with chenille thread

Christine - 11. December 2014

Everyone has their favourite feel-good colour! And surrounding themselves with this colour at home exerts a comforting effect, making for complete relaxation after a strenuous day. So it’s just perfect when your upholstery’s in your favourite colour! With our wide selection of upholstery fabrics in all colours, and partly graduated shades, it won’t be long till you find a new fabric to cover your favourite …

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Drastically reduced – upholstery fabrics

Christine - 16. July 2014

Upholstery fabrics for upholstery projects or for new seating make it possible to design interiors just as you want! And if you’re not keen on actually working on the project, just take the fabric you’ve bought to an upholsterer that you trust and have it processed there! » Discounted upholstery fabrics at myfabrics.co.uk

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Large selection of leather-look upholstery fabrics at fabulous prices

Christine - 24. June 2014

Are you looking for fabric for your garden furniture? Or a new handbag perhaps? Or a purse? Then do browse our range of very reasonably-priced leather-look upholstery fabrics. You’ll find we’ve put together a host of colours for you in this range. But hurry: this is a limited-time offer. From traffic light red leather-look outdoor fabrics to silvery outdoor fabrics that lend themselves to extravagant …

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Madagascar or Mauritius

Christine - 10. December 2013

Which island would you like to vacation on? Our new decoration fabrics allow you to create a holiday atmosphere right at home. High-quality decoration fabrics Madagascar and Mauritius will spur your wanderlust with their lush animal and blossom designs. Madagascar its great for pillows and tablecloths while Mauritius is nicely suited for upholstering furniture. » High-quality decoration fabrics at myfabrics.co.uk

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Luxurious decoration fabrics

Christine - 3. December 2013

These luxurious decoration fabrics will turn your home into a lush abode. You can quickly add a little class to your apartment with a small decorative pillow or a newly upholstered chair. Browse through the large selection of decoration fabrics in well-assorted colours and find your dream fabric. » Luxurious decoration fabrics at myfabrics.co.uk

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A wide selection of discounted upholstery fabrics

Christine - 7. May 2013

Which armchair is right for you home? Upholstery fabrics have many different facets and are just as versatile: chairs, armchairs, sofas, stools, benches, can all be upholstered with thesis wear-resistant fabrics to become decorative furniture that will stand the test of time. Our high-quality upholstery fabrics are also very competitively priced! If you’re a little faint at heart, why not just order a sample to …

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Furniture and decorator fabrics featuring Ikat patterns!

Christine - 24. April 2013

Delhi is a pulsating metropolis and we have our fingers on the pulse when it comes to our new decoration and furniture fabric ‘Delhi’. Its printed Ikat pattern is very modern and adds an individual touch to any room. A cushion or new curtains made from this great decoration fabric? The fun already starts when working with this high-quality product. » Decorator fabrics with Ikat …

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