Wax cloth in great colours and patterns

Christine - 13. December 2013

We now also carry wonderful wax cloth in fantastic colours and with different designs. Just pick your favourite fabric from these cheery and colourful flower patterns or just no-nonsense colourful stripes. This coated, water-repellent cotton fabric features a double acrylic coating and one Teflon coating on the front, and therefore only the back side should be ironed. » Wax cloth at myfabrics.co.uk

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Dotted water-repellent fabrics!

Christine - 22. June 2012

This water-repellent clothing fabric makes beautiful raincoats and the dots (1.5 cm each) will bring a smile do everybody’s face – even in bad weather! If you prefer to make decorations from this coated fabric you can score a new tablecloth for the patio. Attention: this fabric is discounted and won’t last! » Water-repellent fabrics at myfabrics.co.uk

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Water-repellent fabrics

Christine - 26. July 2011

From now on you’re ready for any kind of rain shower: Starting today, you’ll find in our shop water-repellent fabrics with colorful designs. Be it dots or hearts, all of these high-quality cotton fabrics are coated twice with acrylic and teflon! » Water-repellent fabrics at myfabrics.co.uk

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