To get toasty – woollens

In February, it can get cold again on certain days. And that’s the time to bring out that coat or blazer stashed away in your wardrobe - the one that keeps you toasty warm even when it’s cold out. That’s when woollen fabrics come into their own, as the structure of the wool stores heat, keeping the body snug. Warp-knit and milled boiled wool is to be recommended particularly for casual clothing, while woven wool fabrics are ideal for suits, costumes and dresses.
Wool fabrics


New colours just in – boiled wool

A jacket made from boiled wool won’t just keep you toasty warm, it also looks extremely fashionable and is not at all difficult to make. The boiled wool can be worked so as to remain raw-edged and is very well suited to wide-cut coats, ponchos and fashionable capes. With its slight elasticity and coarse texture, boiled wool is ideal for winter clothing!
Boiled wool

All knitted! Wool fabrics

For all those who like to wear knits but find the actual process of knitting a coat or a cape too time-consuming will find readymade knit fabrics to be a superb solution. Our boiled wool is knitted and beautifully wearable. These attractive wool knit fabrics are easy to work: Naturally, you’ll also find we stock complementary braiding and wool trimming. Currently, for instance, ponchos are hugely on trend, and they don’t even need a lining. You can also work a boiled wool coat so as to leave it raw-edged.
Wool fabrics

Warm wool fabrics for the winter

Oversized pullovers and cosy jackets are pieces that make the autumn and winter bearable. Quickly find your favourite among our discounted wool fabrics, as we only have limited quantities of the fabrics in stock and we know from experience that it doesn't take long for them to sell out. If you're unable to find the perfect material among the finished wool fabrics, we recommend that you get hold of some knitting yarn and quite simply make the item of clothing you want yourself! You'll find we stock various qualities and colours of wool from the Rellana and Lamana labels.
Discounted wool fabrics

Let winter in! A wide selection of wool fabrics just in!

Let winter in! A wide selection of wool fabrics just in! The days are getting shorter and in the evening you long for a cosy throw, a comfortable pullover or a cardigan. Anyone who simply hasn't got the patience to knit will find we stock a wide selection of wool knit fabrics that we replenish on an ongoing basis. So keep dropping by and grab yourself a wool knit fabric in your favourite colour! As a rule, we only get a few metres of these fabrics in, so you shouldn't wait too long to decide!

For the autumn: Boiled wool

We're still enjoying days that are sunny and warm, but once you've had your fill of summery clothing, it's time to plan your autumn wardrobe. And there's no better material than boiled wool for this season of transition. Boiled wool is the ideal companion for both autumn and winter as it has a thermal effect and is also drizzle-resistant thanks to its high virgin wool content. And it's readily workable with a household sewing machine, and easy to handle and tailor, too.
Boiled wool

Walk the line

Wool knit is a favourite on cold days. And a lot of those are coming soon so you should definitely start planning which warming coats and vests you are planning on wearing. Maybe you will now need a nice blanket for cold evenings? This fabric is also great for that. Just cast the edges and your blanket is ready for use.
Wool knit

Fulled jacquard with flower tendrils

Temperatures are falling while the need for warming clothes is rising. Our fulled jacquard is a great choice now. Pure wool has exceptional warming qualities so a homemade jacket or coat made from wool fabric will accompany you through the cold season. Its fleecy, soft feel also makes it a great fabric for pillows.
Fulled jacquard