En vogue – the denim look

Christine - 21. March 2016

Fashionable and useful – cords

Christine - 25. March 2016

Trouser fabrics: A wide selection at great prices!

Christine - 24. March 2016
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Sewing yourself a pair of trousers of your own: For many, this represents a milestone when making clothing. Because if you can sew a pair of trousers, you can sew pretty much anything – at least that’s the general consensus. Dare to make a pair of trousers yourself! It really isn’t that hard. And with the discounted trouser fabrics, a test run to make sure the fit’s just right isn’t too great an investment, either. There is sure to be something you can use for you new favourite pair of trousers among our fabrics, some of which feature an elastane component!

Discounted trouser fabrics

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